A great BIG thank you to D23 parents Diane Berry, Karen Gatta, and Laurie Travis for organizing our third EPTO-sponsored STEAM Night last Friday! And many thanks to those families, staff, teachers, volunteers, and donors who participated in and supported the EPTO Family STEAM Night. It takes many people to host an event like this. With their help and the help of all our awesome volunteers, STEAM was a huge success and everyone had a great time. We would like to especially recognize:

* Maria Stavropoulos, District 23 Director of Technology
* Mr. Lee, Mr. Alms, Mr. Ewanio (aka Bubba), Mr. Blanco, and Mr. Mullaney at MacArthur
* Carrie Curtis and her Kohl’s Associates in Action from the Gurnee store
* Boy Scout Troop 468
* Boy Scout Troop 401

We also want to congratulate winners of VR Headsets: Wendy Concklin, Athan Rodrigues, Nela Zadecki and Jennifer Lynn. We hope you enjoy them!

If you would like to view a quick reference guide of some of the activities offered at STEAM, please click here

 If you would like to view the Green Screen pictures, please click here.